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Lokai is an online accessories retailer for those looking for a simple reminder to stay humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. The company founder wanted a more cohesive and holistic approach to the brand.

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Our brief was to give a facelift to the existing Lokai brand with an online presence that allowed customers to shop easily while still telling the brand story.


For the site architecture we opted for an expandable slide out left navigation that allows users to easily explore categories and collections, while being able to quickly browse and allowing the products to fill the page.


We recognized early on in the design process the importance of good brand and product photography. Although photo assets were available, they were supplied by the client and didn’t compliment the Lokai brand. We solved this by delivering in-depth photography guidelines and by reshooting product photography to ensure consistency across the site.

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Head of Design — Michael Greenblatt
Art Direction — Caitlin Bradley
Art Direction & Web Design — Lauren Ewings
Web Design — Jon Rinker